Our Team

Audra Elena
Phone: 336.225.5430
Email: audra.collins08@yahoo.com

Audra’s Story:
Audra’s journey has been incredible and absolutely life-changing.  Xooma X20 was a fundamental part bringing Audra back from the verge of death.  This has resulted in a great passion to help others with their health journey.  Audra is a Certified Hydration Specialist.



Jonathan Adams

Phone: 985.415.0541
Email: jonathan@xoomalife.com

Jonathan’s Story:
Jonathan’s journey has been amazing. Since January 2017 he has lost over 100 lbs and is off of five medications. Xooma has been life-changing for Jonathan and this change has resulted in a great passion to help others with their health journey. Jonathan is a Certified Hydration Specialist.



Lamar Powell
Phone: 225.456.3363
Email: lamar@xoomalife.com

Lamar’s Story:
Lamar is a licensed contractor and an ordained minister. He loves people and has a passion for helping others in their life journey. His own personal health journey has allowed him to stop taking prescribed medications and through healthy choices control his blood pressure, sugar issues, joint pain, etc. Lamar is a Certified Hydration Specialist.


Heather Adams Powell

Phone: 225.270.0753
Email: heather@xoomalife.com

Heather’s Story:
Heather has been on a fitness and health journey for several years. She is the owner, head trainer, and a certified personal trainer at Fit Body Boot Camp of Denham Springs, LA.  She is active in training and helping individuals meet their own personal fitness and health goals. As a personal trainer, she knows first hand the importance of proper hydration and healthy living. Heather is a Certified Hydration Specialist


Daniel Lane
Phone: ‭

Daniel’s Story:
Daniel is a graphics designer by trade.  Owns his own production business, and is an RYT 200 Certified Yoga Instructor.  He believes in Xooma so much that he has been an interval part of our team having produced the informational videos that we can share on this very page!!